5 Things to do in Highland Lake

Situated in peaceful and serene surroundings in the mountainous region of the Hendersonville County in western North Carolina, Highland Lake is a place that makes you want to stay back permanently once you go for a visit there.

The rustic green atmosphere where pollution is an unheard of word soothes the mind and body. This area of varied terrain offers so many activities for the tourist that it becomes difficult to choose what to do here. There are the many art and cultural centers around here, then there are the festivals, numerous sporting facilities and parks.

1.   Sports and other physical activities – The winding pathways in and around Highland Lake are very popular with the hiking enthusiasts. Walking through neat pine forests, breathing in the fresh air is an exhilarating experience. There are also many bicycle tracks for those who love biking. Joggers too will not be disappointed as there are many specially designated jogging tracks. Hiking into the mountains and camping out is a favorite activity among the tourists. Playgrounds where you can try a spot of soccer or football can be found almost everywhere. Baseball fields are also there as are basketball and tennis courts. Several picnic spots beckon those who like to eat out while nestling in the arms of Mother Nature.

2.  Water Sports – River rafting, canoeing and boating are hot favorites with many tourists. For those who are not that adventurous there are beautiful swimming pools and other lesser water sports. Some of the lakes around here are open for fishing and on your day you might be able to catch a juicy trout.

3.  Art and Culture – The population of the entire Henderson County has a very active art community. There are a number of high class art galleries here and the many art societies organize regular exhibitions and art shows and sponsor art classes. Theater and films are also very popular and there are a few theatres that stage performances regularly. Special film shows are also organized here.

4.  Recreation – Apart from the theater and films there are many recreational facilities available here. There are a few recreational parks that also offer a lot of facilities. Restaurants and shopping areas abound in this place and you can enjoy an evening in one of the quaint places peculiar to this part of the world. A variety of food, from local recipes to international a la carte dishes, is all available for those who thrive in epicurean delight.

5.  Golfing – This small mountain village nuzzling the Blue Ridge Mountains does not look like a place that could offer much in golfing. But if you are a dedicated golfer you will be pleasantly surprised. The people here are ardent golf enthusiasts and the entire area is dotted with golf courses of all sizes and terrain. You will find 9-hole courses and 18-hole courses. There are some easy courses that will delight the novice, while some golf links have very difficult terrain that will challenge even a champion golfer.

The very fresh and invigorating air in the Highland Lake area in spite of its laid back atmosphere creates an environment where you would want to spend your entire stay here, involve in some activity or the other and you won’t be disappointed.

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