Activities for Young People at Highland Lake

Almost all the numerous activities that are on offer in and around Highland Lake can be performed by the young and not so young people. But there are some special pursuits that are targeted at the youth over and above the general activities.

The Hendersonville Orchestra: The Highland Lake area may be a place with a very small population but it still has a full fledged, operational orchestra that once you hear it will make you realize that music has no boundaries. This very active orchestra performs in concerts but more significantly it provides opportunities for education, performance and scholarships to young people who are musically inclined. Musical concerts are held at the Visitors’ Information Center every Friday and this allows the youth to exhibit their talents in music. A small area is kept clear in front of the stage for the twinkle toed.

Flat Rock Playhouse: This is the state theater of North Carolina and is amongst the very best in the entire country. This playhouse has won a lot of dramatic acclaim from all over and the players are all very accomplished. This organization combines entertainment with serious work. It not only performs at various places but has also arranged for the education and training of young people who are interested in learning the ropes of the performing arts.

Restaurants and Bars: Moving along from the serious activities to the more entertaining ones, the young crowd can enjoy their favorite tipple and savor the excellent dishes in a few restaurants-cum-bars. The Frankie Bones Restaurant and lounge is a popular choice with the youth.

360 Party Bus: This is a novelty that attracts young and old alike. Limousine buses are fitted with large screen TVs, DVD players, stereo FM radios, music systems, subdued lighting and occasionally sliding bars. These can be used for birthday bashes or general partying. Large family events are also sometimes celebrated in these buses.

The Farmers’ Ball This is a weekly event sponsored by local residents that organize dances and is a favorite meeting ground for young people. These balls, on special occasions, also sport fetes. These provide the local youth with opportunities to meet each other while those on a visit get to interact with each other and the locals.

Water Sports: Several water sporting facilities are available in these parts. Swimming pools are abundant while there are quit q few lakes that allow fishing. You can also satisfy your angling inclinations in the rivers crisscrossing the mountains. These are full of mountain trout. Boating and canoeing area also done by the young people but it is river rafting that is he favorite. This sport with its unpredictable speeds and unlimited and sometimes scary excitement really thrill the youth that is naturally adventurous and oblivious to dangers.

Golfing: Once considered to be a game for the retired gentleman who played it in a leisurely fashion, this very interesting sport is fast becoming very competitive and also very popular with the young people. The number of golf courses in this vicinity will keep all those young golf champs occupied during their stay here.

Highland Lake has a lot to offer even to the youth. It is up to you to grab these opportunities while you are there and make your trip to this mountain region more enjoyable

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