Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Highland Cabins

Why not surprise your Valentine this season with the day spent in Highland Cabins! She will cherish the memory of those romantic hours all her life. The Highland cabins nestling in the Blue Ridge Mountains are the perfect setting for young couples and also for the young at heart to express their love.

Make plans well in advance so that you can take her to the dream setting she only imagined in her wildest dreams. Though like minded couples will be thinking along the same lines and setting out the Highlands, you can still find the cabins at locales of your liking at considerable discounts in tariff, because it will be off season time during valentine day.

Spend a little time online to search for the most romantic getaway and if you want almost no one around to disturb the intimate moments when you whisper sweet nothings to each other, then opt for a secluded location away from it all. As it is, the Highland Cabins perched in the mountain terrain in North Carolina are far removed from the hustle and bustle of the madding crowds of the cities below and Valentine period is extra peaceful with few around to invade your privacy. For best effect try to keep all your plans secret from her till you finally arrive at the cabins.

Call in advance the property owner or administrator to inquire and confirm all the facilities, so that the mood for romance and passion is not spoiled. The cabins available have facilities ranging from bare minimum log cabin with bed, bathroom and optional kitchen, to full service cabins with decks that open out to the mountain valley below and includes dining room, fireplace and hot tub. Some also have spas for total relaxation and rejuvenation of body and spirit.

Pick the cabin with maximum privacy and peace so that you can enjoy each others company for the entire day and night. It will be most romantic when you cook for her over slow fire out on the grounds over a barbeque laughing and sharing the food. Bring over some expensive chocolate and a bottle of champagne to complement the mood. If fussing over food and cooking is too much trouble, then check into a cabin where fine food is served in the dining area with live music to make her swoon with love and joy.

Take an afternoon hike through the mountain trails winding through valleys and slopes with streams, waterfalls and flowers holding hands and wishing this day to last forever. In the evening when the sun is going down behind the mountains and blue haze like smoke hangs like clouds in the valley below, lead her out to the wooden deck to watch your princess catch the last rays of the sun on her face and hair. Perhaps, that could be the perfect time for you to go down on your knees and propose. She will definitely melt in your arms and say yes. Bring out the secret gift you had packed away in the bags and watch her sensuality and beauty in the sheer lingerie that lights your fires to make it a night to remember. Begin the long night by sharing a hot tub to really unwind and fan the smoldering passions.

Nothing compares to Highland Cabins for spending the most romantic time of the year and she will forever have fond memories of the time you shared on that wooden log cabin nestled somewhere in the Blue Ridges of the highland mountains.

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