Enjoy your Vacations at Highland lake

The Highland lake is a wonderful and an appropriate place for vacationing, if you have been thinking of taking your vacations of late and have been exploring options. This place is a unique combination of homes, communities and neighbors. One might wonder why a collection of homes would and communities make for such an enthralling vacation location. In fact, this is the specific reason why one should consider this place for a wonderful vacation. The houses and the overall ambiance have that unique charm and calm about itself that is very much different from other locations.

The place is located in the village of Flat Rock in North Carolina, to the south of Downtown Henderson ville and the city of Ashe ville.

The cottages in Highland lake have got to be the unique attraction of the place. The houses in the place have different flavors and themes. You can easily categorize the cottages based on their styles, themes, architecture, color and designs. It is indeed unique how the place has accommodated so many houses and each category of house has its unique appeal. Away from the noise of the city and the rush of the urban life, a stay in these houses is going to be a welcome and a refreshing change for people vacationing and they are sure to go back to their places with their batteries recharged totally.

The eastern part of the place has houses that are of craftsman style and these types of houses occupy around 20 acres of land. There are porches in the front of each house and the porches and the overall design makes the houses look beautiful.

The entire community in this place is very easy on eye and the greenery will really be soothing for your nerves. The place has beautiful gardens and it is pretty much apparent that the residents pay special attention to the gardens in the yards of their houses. It is apparent from the gardening style that the gardeners are real good at the trade and the beautiful colors and landscaping will really be something for you to enjoy.

You can stay at the cottages and yet not worry about your privacy at all. Initially, the close proximity of the houses may have you worried a bit but once you get in, you will realize that the houses have been so built as to guard your privacy fiercely.

Another very notable feature of the place is the Garden Hamlet. Garden Hamlet is a collection of cottages that are built on an open field. You will find goats and donkeys roaming about on the open field and the field is in fact a meadow of flowers, vegetables and greenhouses. It’s my favorite place to rent.