Exploring the Orchards from your Flat Rock, NC Rental

flat rock nc apple orchardFlat Rock, NC might be a small village in North Carolina, USA, but it is a tourists’ haven. Apple orchards are the main attraction in this place. The thrill of picking apples draws people from all parts to this quaint little village. This influx of tourists has highlighted the necessity of places for accommodation for these people and curios lodgings are available in this Blue Ridge Mountain countryside.

The very sight of the apple trees rolling out right up to the horizon gives a sense of well-being and joy that is seldom experienced. The generally pure and fresh atmosphere does wonders for your physical as well as mental health. Almost all the orchards have arrangements to accommodate guests who wish to soak in this experience.

Our Flat Rock NC rentals located near these orchards are very well maintained. There are the small cottages for small families while larger places for big groups are also available. The exteriors of the buildings and adjoining gardens are kept neat and tidy. These dwellings provide a lot of facilities like an office room, a sun room, a fireplace in the living room for the cold months, cooling facilities and a kitchen with all modern fittings.

There are a lot for activities that you can take part in from our rentals. The most popular being the picking of apples. In the peak apple season accommodations in these orchards become very scarce. The sheer thrill of picking the apples from their tress and occasionally taking a bite out of a juicy red apple is a feeling that is hard to describe. Besides this you can enjoy making doughnuts, or go for a hayride. You can even pick seasonal vegetables. There are numerous beehives and you can enjoy the sight of the enormously disciplined and efficient bees at work.

You can take a round o the farm and in see the various animals like goats, sheep, cows and chickens or you can simply walk around and learn how apple cider is made and if you wish taste a tipple. The process of making jams and preparing gift baskets is also very interesting and you can yourself make a gift box and have it shipped to you or to a friend. Hiking through the large stretches of the orchards as you enjoy the scenic magnificence is another very popular pastime.

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