Flat Rock Village Bakery

Whether it’s for a fresh cup of morning joe and an intriguing little bit of pastry or a piping hot wood fired pizza, Flat Rock Village Bakery is one of the most popular restaurants for guests of our Highland Lake rentals. Flat Rock Bakery is one of the primary gathering places for local residents, who you’ll find far more welcoming than the locals in many vacation destination. In fact, after a couple visits to the bakery and a couple other Highland Lake restaurants, you might as well be a member of the community.

As their name suggests, the primary focus of the kitchen staff at Flat Rock Village Bakery is making artisanal breads and top-notch pastries. At any given time, you’ll find a wide range of organic brick-oven breads including freshly baked sourdough, ciabatta and focaccia, as well as innovative rustic pastries and large, satisfying muffins.

For many fans of the Flat Rock Village Bakery, however, it’s their delicious wood fired pizza that is the main event. Pizzas at Flat Rock Village Bakery are an experience onto their own that is not like the mainstream pizza chains, but you can rest assured that your meal won’t be served with the pomp and circumstance of certain modern pizzerias located in the big cities either. Some of their most popular specialty pizzas include chicken pesto, wild mushroom, bianco verde and goat cheese.

Although it’s tight quarters inside, the pace outside is leisurely. It’s not uncommon to see local residents and vacationers enjoying a quiet morning or afternoon relaxing on the patio talking amongst friends, using the bakery’s free WiFi or simply indulging a little people watching. In fact, the neighborhood atmosphere behind this Flat Rock restaurant is a great way to find out just what life in this region is all about.

The fine and casual dining opportunities available at Flat Rock restaurants are just one small part of why so many guests of our Highland Lake rentals come back year after year. For more information and rates for our Highland Lake cabins and rentals, give Diana a call at 1-800-873-0224.