Drums on the Water: A Drumming Circle at Highland Lake NC

As further proof that there’s always something interesting going on at Highland Lake, a relatively new drumming circle has popped up that may be of interest to guests staying at our Highland Lake vacation rentals.

Dubbed ‘Drums on the Water,’ this regular event is organized by the folks at Highland Lake Cove and has been growing in size ever since it got started earlier this year. The informal drumming circle meets at a special spot on the lake every Saturday at 7pm and gets groovy for about two hours. Participants are welcome to come and go throughout the session.

If you are new to drumming and want to learn what it’s all about, there is often a drumming workshop held a little earlier at the Highland Lake Cove Retreat and Learning Center. The workshop is led by drumming teacher Jeff Holland and covers all of the basics of enjoying community drumming. After the session, participants head over to the Garden Party area for some great local cuisine.

The workshop starts at 4pm and more information can be found by visiting the Highland Lake Cove website. While checking out the workshop is a great way to make an afternoon out of the event, it’s certainly not require. If you haven’t been to a drumming circle before, rest assured that it’s a very laid back atmosphere. Even if you’ve never touched a drum in your life, you’ll find that it’s super easy to find the rhythm once you give it a try.

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