Private Hendersonville Garden Opens Doors to Public as Fundraiser

Larason and Juanita Lambert opened their private garden to the public earlier this month to help raise money for the Bullington Horticultural Learning Center located in Hendersonville, NC.

Known as Fernhaven, the Hendersonville garden has been a work of passion for the couple since 1998. Larason brings a lifelong love of ferns to his garden and tells reporters the garden “is about as close to heaven as I expect to get.”

Located in three acres old oak-hickory forest along Featherstone Creek, Featherhaven is a particular treat for anyone with a serious interest in ferns. The Lamberts have cultivated several different species of ferns on their property, including many native species and some that are rarely seen in our area.

The Lambert’s use a deliberately minimalist approach to landscaping their property with little in the way of tree removal or earth moving that provides with Fernhaven a very natural appearance. They perform most of the work on the property on their own and consider the garden to be an ongoing work in progress.

Although this year’s fundraiser at Fernhaven has passed, the Lambert’s hope to make the garden tour an annual event. The couple are members of the Bullington Center’s advisory committee. For more information on the event, contact the Bullington Center at 828-698-6104.

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