Renting Highland Cabins for Weekend Vacations

A stay in one of the Highland cabins in North Carolina; USA can be an out of the world experience. These cabins located in the Great Smoky Mountain region, is an ideal place to get away from the humdrum of daily life. The restful and relaxed atmosphere of the mountains is enriched by the availability of modern amenities like spas, restaurants and luxurious and comfortable dwellings for tourists. The cabins in this area provide a range of facilities and come in different sizes and matching prices to suit the wallets of all that come here.

Peaceful and exclusive resorts set back in the mountains with luxuriously appointed cabins hat will pamper you are available in the Highland Lake area. The cabins vary in sizes but all are furnished with very comfortable padded sofas, other luxurious fittings and come with bathrooms attached to the bedrooms. Jacuzzi and a spa are other luxurious facilities available here. The porches have swings and rocking chairs. A stone gas fireplace completes the picture. Large windows providing a view of the magnificent mountains and dome ceilings with skylights add to the charm of these secluded resorts. Breakfast cooked from organic foodstuff is optional. There is a walking or a bicycle trail in these resorts where you can take a brisk walk or go for a n invigorating ride while breathing in the cool mountain air. The weekends are very enjoyable with some resorts organizing special programs on Saturdays. The comfort and atmosphere of these cabins justify the comparatively steep prices.

Lower priced cabins for families are also a choice for those who want to experience the lifestyle of the early settlers. The floors of the cabins are wooden as are the covered terraces in front. There are rocking chairs in each porch. A fully equipped kitchen and a stone gas fireplace are additional facilities in some cabins. The cabins are all furnished comfortably. Facilities for picnics are arranged on request by some cabin owners. Some places even allow pets. These cabins are moderately priced with extra charges for picnics and use of kitchens.

There are some cabins in these mountains that are very different from the other Highland cabins. These cabins are specially designed by architects to replicate 19th century log cabins. The fireplaces are made of bricks. Old fashioned wooden bathtubs outfitted like Jacuzzis and wood fired ovens are also provided in the cabins. Antique furniture pieces blend with modern amenities to create an unbelievable atmosphere. A hot complementary breakfast is served in the morning by some of these cottages while in the evenings a variety of wines and succulent appetizers may be served to each of the guests. There is also an outdoor swimming pool in most of these cabins. Beautifully landscaped gardens resplendent with the bursting colors of beautiful flowers in spring and summer adorn the fronts of these cabins. Prices are exceptionally high in these cabins in keeping with the luxuries they provide

There are many other lodging facilities like luxurious hotels and inns available in this area. But a stay in the Highland cabins with their sublime settings, highlighted by the mountains in the background, is an experience that you can cherish throughout your life.

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