The Garden Hamlet at Highland Lake, NC

The Garden Hamlet at Highland Lake Resort is one of a handful of unique features that separates our properties from the many other North Carolina lake cabins that guests have to choose from. Located adjacent from Highland Lake Inn, the Garden Hamlet features a bucolic garden and pastoral farm pasture, much of which provides vegetables that are harvested from garden to table for the Seasons at Highland Lake Inn, a highly respected full service restaurant located here on the resort premises.

Nearly all of the vegetables grown at the Highland Lake Garden Hamlet are produced using 100% organic gardening methods that incorporate a number of key permaculture principles designed to minimize the gardens impact on the local ecosystem. During your stay at our Highland Lake rentals, be sure to take time to inspect some of the ingenious gardening methods that the groundskeepers of Highland Lake Inn have incorporated in their effort to foster agricultural sustainability.

In addition to all of the different fruits and vegetables that are grown on the Garden Hamlet at Highland Lake, Flat Rock, NC, guests are also greeted by a wide variety of farm animals that are sure to impress younger visitors. A short stroll from Seasons at Highland Lake Inn will take you to a fenced in pasture that is home to a handful of goats with dispositions ranging from finicky to friendly. Bright white peacocks populate the garden hamlet, as do chickens, roosters and the occasional turkey. Wild geese and blue herons linger along the lake shore, and every spring features a new parade of waddling ducklings and hatched from wild nests just beyond hamlet.

Recently, permanent residents of the nearby Highland Lake Village have also begun farming their own organic vegetables here on the garden hamlet as part of a community effort for healthier living and lowering their carbon footprint. This portion is a communal garden that is tended and harvested by household members who reside just outside of the Highland Lake Resort. Feel free to check out what kinds of gardening projects that they currently have going on during your stay at our Hendersonville NC vacation rentals – you just might find some great ideas to bring home for a community garden of your own.

Take a moment now to find out more about our seasonal rates and discounts for Highland Lake rentals by contacting Diana at 1-800-873-0224. We have a full range of North Carolina lake cabins and cottages available to accommodate parties ranging from romantic getaways to full scale family reunions. Some of our cottages are completely pet friendly, meaning that even your furry family members can enjoy a relaxing getaway at the Highland Lake Garden Hamlet.

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