The Historical Woodfield Inn is the Place to visit in Flat Rock NC

Very few places in the United States have so much history and tradition of hospitality sitting on its strong pillars as the Woodfield Inn in Flat Rock NC. One hundred and fifty years of amazing and incredible journey of welcoming guests through its beautiful doors leaves the visitor in awe and wonderment.

The story of Woodfield Inn began in 1852, when it was opened as the Farmers hotel, for putting up garrison soldiers who were stationed in Flat Rock NC to protect the town and its residents during the civil war. It sits on a twenty four acre rolling green and was the first choice for spending the night by the stagecoaches running through the Indian trails passing through the settlement of Flat Rock.

Started as a bed and breakfast inn when it first opened its doors, it has for all this time remained the same but with a significant difference. It has been entered into the National Register of Historical Places and acquired the old world charm matched by very few properties down South. As the travelers put down their luggage and look out through the windows into the picturesque settings of the inn, they can still smell the scent of hundreds of barbecues that were served on its grounds and hear the crackling of fires around which the guests gathered to down spirits and laughter rang in the air. The creaking sound of stagecoaches as they pulled into the hotel can still be heard if you listen hard enough.

The atmosphere is still from that old era and the ambience still draws from those times. If you are looking forward to have a taste of American History, this is the place to relive and experience what it was like to stay in a first class bed and breakfast hotel of that time. Fully furnished with period furniture that remind of those times, it has twenty bathrooms with all modern amenities and eighteen plush comfortable rooms that makes the guest comfortable and relaxed at once. Almost all rooms look out to a wonderful view of the estate below and the guests can smell the fresh mountain air that drifts in through the windows.

The restaurant serves authentic American cuisine carrying the Old West charm and ambience. The pub lounge is always ready to lift your spirits and if you are fond of walking along dirt trails and gardens full of flowers on undulating greens, then the estate has it all to fulfill your desire to be near nature. A tennis court on the grounds beckons those fond of sweating out and hitting a few aces and a nine-ole par three golf course invites you to perfect that swing.

It is also the perfect setting for holding weddings and events and the four dining rooms are fully equipped to entertain over two hundred guests at one time. An unforgettable experience awaits those who want to spend a romantic weekend holiday in Woodfield Inn at Flat Rock NC.

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