Things to Do in Highland Lake – Cultural Arts

Generations to come will know of the people who lived before them only through the cultural remnants and art forms. Highland Lake, situated in Flat Rock, North Carolina is a getaway that blends the comforts of modernity with the tradition and culture of yesteryear. Our Highland Lake cabins and other Highland Lake rentals offer guests a prime location for exploring the rich cultural heritage that has made this region what it is today.

Dress, utensils, festivals, music, dance, paintings, sculptures, literature, places of worship, etc – these are various aspects of culture and art forms that influence the lifestyle of a society as a whole. It is the people who inhabit the place that play an important role in the evolution of cultural arts of a region.

Highland lake and its surroundings in North Carolina were originally inhabited by the Cherokee Indians. As European settlers began to increase in numbers in the seventeenth century the Cherokee Indians were eventually overpowered. Currently there is a Cherokee Indian reservation in Swain County, North Carolina.

An Indian village complete with the houses, ambience, costumes and crafts has been recreated to provide a peek into ancient culture and customs. Traditional Indian dance shows and the famous drama “unto the hills” are performed. There is a Cherokee Museum that showcases the history of the Indians and their lifestyle right up to their confinement to reservations after the arrival of European settlers. A casino has been opened in the reservation in recent years.

You can visit the home of noted American poet and historian Carl Sandburg who lived in Connemara during the later years of his life. A large number of students, teachers and artists performing various genres of music converge at the Brevard Music Center that is a hub of activity all year round.

The Flat Rock playhouse in Flat Rock is the state theater of North Carolina. For almost half a century various dramas, plays, American classics, Broadway musicals and comedy shows are being performed here. It is one of the most important cultural centers of the highlands.

The nearby town of Ashville is the epicenter of cultural arts in this region. The Great Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains and the Blue Ridge parkway have been the source of inspiration for many artists, poets, writers and craftsmen.

Ashville art museum is an award-winning museum with exhibits of contemporary and yesteryear arts and crafts. The Ashville urban trail takes you on a tour of bronze sculptures and artworks made by local artists that capture the evolution of the place and some prominent personalities who inhabited the place.

The Basilica of St.Lawrence has the tallest freestanding elliptical dome of all the catholic churches in the United States and is an architectural marvel in addition to being a major spiritual center.

Asheville has entertainment facilities catering to people with wide-ranging tastes. Experimental theater, contemporary arts, drama, films, jazz, rock and roll, symphony, ballet, folk arts, Shakespeare plays, etc – the highlands are abuzz with multiple cultural and performing arts throughout the year.

Many artists and craftsmen have set up their own galleries and studios to display their products. Highland lake is the ideal gateway for overworked executives, newly-wed couples or families.