Things to do near Highland Lake – Foothills Highland Games & Festival

Highland lake will be witness to a lot of fun and gaiety, as the Tenth Annual Foothills Highland Games will be held at the Jackson Park, Hendersonville. The Scottish Clans of the South, Inc. (S.C.O.T.S) is the main organizer of the grand annual event. Like every year, the Scottish Clans of the South, Inc. (S.C.O.T.S) tries to promote the Scottish culture and traditions through a number of events that are held at the festival. The festival is a combination of events like contests, games and musical extravaganza that will be conducted and the participants can look forward to an exciting event.

The Foothills Highland Games begins at 9 AM and ends at 4.30 PM at Jackson Park, Hendersonville. Clarion Inn Asheville is the event host hotel and it has been offering special rates for people who specifically arrive for the Foothills Highland Games. The event is open to anyone who is interested at knowing the Scottish and the Irish culture more. The events have been so organized to give an insight into the rich and vibrant Scottish and Irish culture and educate all participants.

The entertainment program begins with a variety of programs from groups like The Hooligans, Wireharp Productions, Maidens IV and Alex Beaton. Interested participants and visitors can gain entry by paying $10 per adult and $7 per child. The organizers are also offering group rates for large groups. You can also purchase the tickets online through Pay Pal.

The Maidens IV will deliver high velocity Celtic and Roots music and the music will be blended with a bit of Gypsy Jazz, and Pop. This group comprises four sisters who will keep the audience enthralled with a combination of amazing music, instrumentals and wonderful choreography.

Highland lake will also witness the performance of Alex Beaton, the famous Scottish entertainer. Beaton’s virtuoso Guitar combined with a rich baritone will have the audience enthralled. Beaton has been one of the most popular singers in North America.

The event will also witness events like Highland Dancing, a distinctly Scottish solo dancing variety. The Highland dancing is a wonderfully orchestrated and balanced art, performed by a single woman or a man. This type of dance was once the exclusive domain of men, but women have been catching up.

The Pipes Drums & Color Guard event is another event that is very much reminiscent of Scottish culture and traditions. Participants appropriately dressed with drums for the occasion will indeed be a sight.

The event will also have games like Stone for Distance, Heavy weight for height and the Caber Toss. All of these games are great fun to play and yet there is this unmistakable Scottish flavor in it.

Highland lake will definitely be one of the most happening places during the event and all roads will lead to the event for sure. The popularity of the festival has exponentially increased over the years and it will continue to for the coming years.