Things to do near Highland Lake – Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

Situated south of the big city, Asheville and Historic town Hendersonville is the serene Highland lake. This is a community of unique neighbors, businesses and homes that is blessed with the bountiful beauty of nature. This quiet neighborhood invites tourists from all over the world for its abundant and exotic attractions. Buildings and homes follow a unique style of architecture. Craftsman styles homes have front porches built aesthetically and to ensure proximity with neighbors. The place is filled with this air of friendliness.

North Carolina is a state that has many residents belonging to a Scottish lineage. The Scottish immigrants kept their highland culture alive and the highland games’ is one of the impressive examples of this age old culture. The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games dates back to 1956 and was based on the Royal Braemar Gathering of Scotland. Originally designed as a day long series of games, it has now transformed itself significantly and taken on a modern avatar. Today, these games are a three day long event and are conducted at MacRae Meadows on Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC.

These games attract several visitors who either choose to stay in beautiful cabins and cottages or set up camp sites around the venue. These highland games are extremely popular and hold the dubious distinction of being one of the largest in the country. It attracts over 30,000 people every year. While the Torchlight ceremony marks the beginning of the games, The Parade of Tartans marks the end of it. Several different clans (about 120) participate in these games and prove their mettle in different competitions that are largely categorized into dancing, conventional track sports / heavy sports and music.

The games that are a part of this event are smartly segregated and can be handled by professionals and amateurs individually. Clan tug-o-war, kilted mile run, highland wrestling, turning the sheaf, turning the caber, hammer throw, sheep herding, border collies etc are some of the games that feature in this event. You can also visit the numerous stalls that are set up in the venue during the games. All kind of articles from daggers and swords to hats and kilts can be purchased here. There is no dearth of food items as well.

The games are usually held in the second full weekend of the month of July and are promoted by GMHG, a non-profit, non-stock corporation. Highland Lake is a perfect destination for pampering and feeling one with nature. The games serve as an interesting bonus.

This Highland Lake community to Grandfather Mountain is a pleasant drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway and has several cabins and cottage homes that can be rented at a not-so exorbitant price. These vacation homes are completely furnished and hence, make your stay comfortable and pleasurable. Gardens and beautiful landscaping are the most striking features at Highland Lake and most cottages and cabins are surrounded by lush greenery. Many cottages face inward towards meadows that are filled with flowerbeds, goats and other animals and have the power to instantly transport you to a world that is torn apart from the regular hustle and bustle of the city.