Things to do in Highland Lake NC – Bridal Veil Falls

The breath-taking view of 45-foot Bridal Veil Falls in Highland Lake North Carolina states the obvious – some places are a reflection of heaven on Earth. The falls are located on US Highway 64, about 3 miles outside of Cashiers. Bridal Veil Falls could be distinctively viewed from the highway; the area provides parking space to park your car and enjoy the splendid sight. However, the road beneath allows you to drive-under or walk behind the falls without getting drenched when the water flow is low.

The location of Bridal Veil Falls, Highland Lake NC is just gorgeous with the scenic mountains around. Bridal Veil Falls is in the Macon County and flows on a tributary of the River Cullasaja through Nantahala National Forest. It is the only water with a drive-under; its most distinct feature. People can drive under the waterfall without getting their cars wet because of the over-hanging bluff. But, during high or moderate waterfalls, the visitor won’t get lucky and end up getting soaked to the skin. In winters, the falls get frozen – freezing its base and if it stays cold enough, it forms a giant column of ice. Furthermore, there is a recessed alcove at the top ledge of the waterfall where you can hide behind the veil. Be careful when you go up there. The rocks around the fall are always slippery and no one wants to break some bones while getting involved with the nature; or anytime for that matter.

In 2003, the drive-under was blocked when a huge chunk of rock fell off the cliff next to the falls. As a result, the road underneath were closed as the Forestry Service couldn’t afford to remove it. People could still walk through it but the circular drive was impossible until in 2008 a local builder volunteered to blow the rock into pieces. Sure, the falls were open even before that to view the falls from behind but the drive-through was something that made the falls in Highland Lake NC special. Once the smaller rock pieces were trucked away, the road was re-paved and re-opened much to the pleasure of the locals and visitors.

People come exclusively to witness the amazing falls while others stop on their way to Dry Falls. Other than the obvious reasons, the falls are popular because of their accessibility. It is just next to the road, on the highway with a forest sign just below the falls. Although the opening could be tricky and you might miss it, but once you find it, it would be all worth the trouble. It is also believed that a maiden who walks under the falls gets married by the end of the year.

There are a lot of falls by the same name around the world but the Bridal Veil Falls in North Carolina is something to look out for. Visiting Highland Lake NC and missing out on the Bridal Veil Falls would be tragic. The bridal veil-like cascade is incredible and if you’re lucky, the rainbow would make the sight perfect. To capture the moment, don’t forget your waterproof camera.