Flat Rock Playhouse

If you are up for catching a little live entertainment during your stay at Highland Lake, you can’t do much that catching a play at the nearby Flat Rock Playhouse. The award winning performers have earned national recognition for their performances of everything from Shakespeare to David Mamet, with plenty of Broadway musicals and comedies scheduled in between.

There is a good reason that people often drive a considerable distance for the sole purpose of enjoying a play at Flat Rock Playhouse, the State Theater of North Carolina. In addition to the house’s standard theatrical performances, they also have a very entertaining Music on the Rock series that features talented musicians covering the music of famous performers from nearly every popular genre.

As renowned as the performers of the Flat Rock Playhouse our themselves, you might find that the grounds and the actual physical structure of the playhouse itself that are the first things to draw you in. The North Carolina Theater Garden Club is responsible for the design and care of the several different gardens along the playhouse gardens, including a moss and woodland garden, a native garden, a variety of flowering bulbs and much more.

The actual Flat Rock Playhouse is something to behold, particularly once you have made it to your seat and have a moment to take in your surroundings. With it’s high vaulted ceilings, exposed wood and rustic atmosphere, you won’t mistake the playhouse for the more luxurious urban stages. Once the curtain opens, however, you won’t be aware of anything more than the magic of theater itself in this one-of-a-kind and highly regarded venue.