Enjoying Highland Lake’s Recreational Activities

While spending a much needed vacation here at Highland Lake can provide you with the ideal setting to relax and unwind, that doesn’t mean that you will just be sitting around all day. With our mild weather and natural surroundings, Highland Lake offers guests a wide variety of recreational activities that will get you and your party out enjoy the great outdoors without a long drive. Here are just two of the healthy activities to do that Highland Lake has to offer.

  • Paddling – There’s nothing quite like being out on Highland Lake in the earlier morning or evening in a canoe or kayak without another soul in sight. Spring, summer and fall, each season offers its own collection of sites, sounds and smells to appreciate. The lake is large enough to provide plenty of space to explore while you enjoy a good workout, but it is also small enough for less experienced paddlers to handle without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Fishing – Highland Lake is home to a number of different types of fish, and guests are welcome to try their luck fishing from the shore, the pier or out on the water in a canoe or kayak. There are plenty of pan fish in the lake that make for great fishing with younger anglers, and guests have been known to reel in some real monsters from time to time. Just be sure to adhere to the lake’s catch and release policy and pick up a North Carolina fishing license if necessary.