Sit Back and Relax

Yes, there’s a ton to see and do hear at Highland Lake vacation resort, not to mention neighbouring Asheville and Hendersonville. The one things that our Highland Lake vacation rental guests seem to enjoy the most, however, is simple enjoying enjoying the grounds and decompressing.

No matter what your walk of life may be, the pace and pressures of the modern world are enough to wear down even the most resilient of us over the years. Modern media and technology have served to bring us closer together in ways that were never possible before while slowly removing us from the more natural rhythms that our ancestors were attuned to for countless generations.

More and more, people are rediscovering the value of taking breaks from time to time at destinations like our Highland Lake cabins and cottages to change gears. It takes a minute sometimes, even for us, to switch from fifth gear to lake mode, but a slow walk around the garden hamlet or a solitary morning out on the lake will get in a completely different frame of mind. From enjoying a good read and a cup of coffee on the porch of one of our lake cottages to watching the geese and blue herons foraging amongst the shore’s water lilies and irises, Highland Lake is the perfect place to take a break without dealing with the hassle of a mainstream vacation destination.

After a relaxing stay at our Highland Lake rentals, many of our guests say they return to the responsibilities of their personal and professional lives feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. While that may the goal of nearly all vacations, a few days kicking back at a lake cabin is light years away from the constant activities and expenses of most trips.

Whether you are looking for a secluded romantic bungalow or a countryside retreat for your family or organization, we have North Carolina lake cabin rentals that will suit your needs perfectly. For more information and rates on our Highland Lake rentals, please call Diana at 1-800-873-0224.